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The mission of Aurora Design & Technology is to provide the technology industry with high-quality domestic outsourcing at a reasonable cost. We provide expertise that is NASA-trusted in the areas of:

  • Optical System Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Software Engineering
  • System Integration

In today’s business world many organizations are choosing to outsource the technology aspects of their business overseas to places like India or China. While these options do offer a lower short-term cost, many frustrating challenges remain. These challenges include:

  • Remote management of the project
  • An extreme language barrier
  • Little or no understanding of design intent of the product or project

If you compared the time and effort spent over the entire course of an overseas project to the quality of the product that is produced, it easy to question the cost effectiveness of the decision.

With Aurora Design & Technology as your outsourcing solution, your company will receive the expertise that is trusted by NASA without having to pay a fortune. We specialize in creating mechanical, optical, software and embedded products that are designed to be manufactured for large to small businesses. The Aurora Design & Technology process designs product specifications that are already equipped to handle the imperfections of the manufacturing process. This fact alone can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars and dramatically reduce your time-to-market.

Aurora Design & Technology is also available to assist you with your current products. Do you have a legacy product that you'd like to upgrade? Is support of your current products eating your profit? Are you afraid of the cost of redesign? Let Aurora Design & Technology help.

We provide more than just an outsourcing contact -- we'll take charge of your problems and deliver you solutions that fit your business needs -- on time and on budget.

Using industry-leading simulation and analysis tools Aurora Design & Technology can provide end-to-end optical designs. Areas of expertise include:

  • Sequential design and optimization
  • Non-sequential design
  • Illumination analysis
  • Stray light analysis
  • Machine vision
  • Optical fibers

A tight integration between optical and mechanical design is a key element to any optical system. Aurora Design & Technology uses industry-standard Zemax and SolidWorks to achieve this integration. A typical design sequence includes:

  1. An initial optical design created and optimized in Zemax.
  2. This design is exported into Solid Works where mechanical elements are built around the optical components.
  3. The opto-mechanical design is analyzed using Algor or other FEA tools to examine effects of temperature and other environmental stimuli.
  4. The results of the analyses are fed back into Zemax to achieve a high quality product without the pain or cost of extensive field testing.

Whether your optical design needs are a simple lens to collect light and channel to a detector, a light pipe to collect light from an on-board LED and carry it the enclosure, or a complicated multi-lens imaging system, Aurora Design & Technology has the industrial and commercial experience necessary to deliver you a component or complete system, on time and on budget.

Aurora Design & Technology's commercial design experience is not just limited to optical design. We use SolidWorks to design mechanical systems, ranging from simple adapters to complex and complete mechanical systems. We use rapid prototyping at all stages during the design process. With over a decade of experience in mechanical design and engineering in the commercial environment you can feel confident that our designs will experience little to no challenges during the manufacturing process. And if unforeseen challenges appear, rest assured that we will be there to quickly resolve them.

We also easily integrate electronic and optical components into the mechanical design, so that the systems delivered function as systems, not individual components. All of this is accomplished while paying careful attention to the total cost of manufacturing with a strong emphasis on a variety of manufacturing techniques that include machining, castings, and mold designs.

The designers at Aurora Design & Technology always work with the manufacturing process at the forefront of his or her mind. We are experienced in designing products that easily fold into manufacturing, and are able to produce detailed manufacturing and QC documentation for all of our finished designs. This is done because we realize a product that is difficult or expensive to manufacture can hinder your business and/or bottom line. With this in mind we take the time to get to know your manufacturing processes before we begin.

Our experience in designing commercial, mechanical, and optical systems, where design tolerances and assembly are critical, allows for you to focus on marketing and selling your application while we provide a high quality product within a low-stress process. Best of all is the fact that all of these aspects are satisfied on time and within the target budget. At Aurora Design & Technology delivery is secondary only to customer satisfaction.

Aurora Design & Technology provides a vast array of commercial and research software development. We have delivered solutions ranging from low-level device drivers for RS-232, ISA, PCI and USB devices to commercial applications. We also have a great deal of experience in delivering cross-platform software solutions, targeting Windows, Mac, Linux and embedded systems. Careful attention is paid to the selection of the proper software tools depending on the application and the intended audience.

Aurora Design & Technology is capable of delivering:

  • Cross-platform applications (targeting Windows, Linux and Mac)
  • Device drivers (cross-platform and platform-optimized)
  • Database design, development, and integration
  • Scientific and data analysis software
  • Embedded software solutions

As with any software development effort, the choice of development languages and tools is critical. Our process works with you to determine your needs in order to pick from a wide variety of languages and technologies including:

  • Languages:
    • C/C++
    • Java
    • Visual Basic
  • Technologies:
    • NetBeans platform (Java)
    • MFC
    • .NET
    • Windows CE
    • Java Micro Edition

Aurora Design & Technology can also deliver complete embedded solutions using Windows CE, embedded Windows XP or Linux.

Our service does not stop at the delivery of the software product it continues on into support through production, distribution, and end-user usability.

Aurora Design & Technology's expertise culminates in complete system design and integration. Working closely with you to determine the optimal design specifications and requirements allows us to deliver tightly-integrated systems at a fraction of the overall cost for overseas outsourcing. Our process incorporates mechanical design, embedded systems, electronic design, packaging, and end-user software within the integrated system. All of this is done to ensure that both you and your customers have a wonderful out-of-box experience with your product.

Our years of experience delivering embedded systems on a variety of platforms have the ability to serve your company for the greater good. Whether it is a single microprocessor-based system, or a full-blown embedded PC running Windows or Linux, we deliver the solution that best serves you and your customer's needs.

The complex and tight integration of our design team guarantees that your system will function like a system -- not a collection of discrete components. We do not stop there. We provide detailed manufacturing instructions, QC test procedures, and other documentation to ease your product introduction.

Help your company achieve the next level of success by trusting your technical needs to Aurora Design & Technology by calling (727) 538-4138 today!

The Role of Aurora Design & Technology in The NASA LCROSS Mission to the Moon

Aurora Design & Technology is proud to announce it’s involvement in the NASA Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite Mission (LCROSS).

The goal of the LCROSS mission is the discovery and characterization of water and other lunar surface materials on the moon. NASA scientists believe that over thousands of years water may have accumulated, perhaps molecule by molecule, within the moon’s permanently shadowed south-pole. The vast importance of the LCROSS mission is observed with NASA intending to utilize the moon as a staging point for further space exploration, such as the exploration and potential colonization of Mars and other neighboring planets. With the cost of transporting one gallon of water to moon estimated at over $100,000 the discovery and mining of water on the moon is paramount to further exploration of our solar system.

The LCROSS mission will send a Centaur upper stage rocket crashing into the moon, at more than twice the speed of a bullet, causing a large impact at the floor of a permanently shadowed lunar crater and subsequently monitoring the ejecta (dust) cloud. The impact will throw tons of debris and potentially water, ice, and/or water vapor above the lunar surface to be analyzed for the presence of hydrated minerals. The data will be collected and analyzed by the Shepherding Spacecraft (S-S/C) which will follow the Centaur Rocket into the dust plume. This analysis will tell researchers if water exists on the moon as well as the chemical nature of the hydrated materials.

The role of Aurora Design & Technology will be to design, develop, and deliver the optics responsible for viewing the light scattered and reflected by the ejecta cloud as the it rises into the sunlight. Two telescopes will feed this light into spectrometers for a detailed analysis of the material in the ejecta cloud. Additionally, Aurora Design & Technology is delivering optics viewing out the side of the Sheperding Spacecraft. These optics will allow for the measurement of scattered light off the ejected plume or dust cloud that is produced in order to determine the size and shape of the particles.

The analysis of these particles will determine the makeup of the impact site as well as the crater’s spectral features. The spectral features will provide data on the chemical makeup of the impact site as well as the ejected dust cloud during the impact flash and as sunlight reflects off of the dust plume.

The founder of Aurora Design & Technology, Dr. David A. Landis, was also responsible for the development of the UV and Visible spectrometer used on the LCROSS Mission while leading the Engineering Department at Ocean Optics.